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I have several things I want to discuss with you and will be sending emails soon. 

     The first is regarding the Tuesday Homework Assistance Day. Many of the students are coming to our room for Smartblock now to complete missing/incomplete work and homework.  Since we have been working on study skills we are also working on the same thing during our class. We have had oly 3-4 students attending the Homework Assistance, so I am thinking that for now we no longer need this as we're doing so much during school. (Many of the students had little to no work last week.) Please check the email and let me know your thoughts. If you want to keep this going, I'm happy to do so.   

      The second is about something I would like to do in connection with our Positivity Training and "Others Matter" lessons. It is hard for students at this age to believe they can make a difference is someone else's life and often they don't think much about it. For students with autism, this can be more difficult.

Member and Board Member of both NC CEC and DADD

Doctoral Student in Special Education at Liberty University

News Continued

Graduate Certificate in Autism 2017

MSE in Special Education 2018

BS in Elementary Education 1981 This is NOT a typo

News Continued

I would like to use our Fun Fridays for the next 2 weeks to do one of the following:

1. Collect things that could go into a small bag for homeless individuals (toothpaste, toothbrushes, handsoap, small gift cards ($5-10) to McDonald's or Wendy's or other fast food place, socks, etc. We would pack them up and I would donate them to a shelter to pass out to those in need.

2. Make simple holiday/winter crafts (geared to middle school students) and deliver them to an Assisted Living facility in the area to decorate the rooms of the residents.

Names would not be on anything and they would be told the donations were from a class at DDMS. I would love your opinion on this.           Also, in connection with this the

Total Connection small paper asked if they could come take pictures of us working. I have done this before and would need a signed permission for your child to be included in the pictures. The paper would only state that Mrs. Parker's class at DDMS was doing something to help others. No names or information is provided and no students pictures would be taken without permission. Please let me know your thoughts on that, too. It's a great way to show that our school is doing something for the community. Thank you for your consideration. Again, I would never allow anything without your permission.

Welcome to Mrs. Parker's Class

I had to share my graduation picture as I believe it represents me best. I can be found most often with a smile on my face and strive to keep a positive attitude through all situations. The picture is from my graduation from the University of Kansas with an MSE in Special Education with a focus in Autism at the age of 59! I also have a Graduate Certificate in Autism from KU and am in my first year of doctoral classes through Liberty University where I'm seeking a doctorate in Special Education. If you want to learn a little more about me, please visit my online portfolio at:

This is my first time in the role as an Autism Support Teacher; however, I have experience in teaching general education classes (K-5) for 15 years and teaching students with autism (PreK) for 6 years. I returned to school after I began working with my PreK students. I realized I was passionate about supporting students wtih autism and needed to learn more in order to do so correctly. Assisting your students to allow them to be successful in school is my top priority. I look forward to getting to know each of them and you better as we work together on this journey.

Meet our AWESOME assistant teacher, Mrs. Butts. She has a lot of experience working with students having special needs and is exceptional working with our students. Mrs. Butts is patient, kind, and is passionate about the success of our students. We can't imagine what it owuld be like without her here to support, encourage, and look after all of us!

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